Photo Mosaic of Bush

Joe at American Leftist created this interesting photo mosaic of Bush, using only the faces of American soldiers killed in Iraq. He calls the image “War President“:

War President

It’s mirrored here, and is also available in larger sizes that let you see each face in the mosaic more clearly.

Note that there are more than 1400 faces depicted in the image, while so far only about half that many US soldiers have actually died in Iraq. Some of the faces are duplicated in the image, a fact that its creator makes clear up front.

(Which reminds me that I’d meant to link to that other photo mosaic of Ashcroft’s face made with pornographic images. So I’ve done that now.)

7 Responses to “Photo Mosaic of Bush”

  1. Anthony Buss Says:

    I wish Mr. Bush would look beyound poll ratings and better protect and help the American people. When Clinton lied nobody died. Iraq has no conection to terrorism. The 911 commission which was non-partision claimed such. Please Mr. Bush look after your citizens not your ratings.

    I Was a Bush supporter in 2000, but not in 2004. Iraq is not a way to lie to win this election.

  2. mehak Says:

    this is really kewl..dont call him War President…cuz watever decision he has still is very correct..I am not an American…

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. HH Says:

    So the creator lied about who died… and by the way, Anthony bumper-sticker breath, people died in Rwanda and Clinton lied about his knowledge of the genocide… that’s just for starters.

  5. Fcuk Bush Says:

    Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.

  6. Me Says:

    So…… does this image imply that these soldiers were Bush supporters, and doesn’t that they’re all aligned to make an image of the President say that the military voting block is solidly in his camp?

    And of course there’s the old rhetoric that “War never solved anything except Nazism, Facism, Imperialism, Communism, Despotism, and Terrorism.”

    You leftists don’t seem to realize that this could just as easily be used as a conservative propoganda tool afterwards.

  7. anti-ME Says:

    Dear “Me”…

    you make about as much sense as a ham on Hanukkah….

    1) How did war SOLVE Imperialism? I suppose all that colonization HELPED Africa, Asia, and Latin America? War is a PART of imperialism, you dolt.

    2) How did WAR solve Communism? We never went to war w/ the USSR, Vietnam kicked our arse and is STILL Communist, AND we went to war in Korea as well….still divided along the SAME lines as the past 50+ years, last time I looked…..w/ North Korea STILL Communist….and Cuba kicked the crap out of panzy-arse Miami Cubans backed by the CIA and is STILL Communist last time I checked as well….

    you are clearly a historical retard….go read a book, dummy.

    3) How has WAR solved despotism in: a) Saudi Arabia b) Pakistan c) Egypt d) Nigeria….the most repressive regimes in the world are our FRIENDS and face NO threat of war from us, idiot

    4) War has defeated TERRORISM? Then why are we still engaged in the “War on Terror”? Why are we still in Iraq? Why do we need to UP our military budget to $500 billion a year? You’re so f’n clueless, it’s sad….

    To your credit, YES, war did MILITARILY defeat Germany & Italy….way to go…you know who won WWII…

    but…it was precisely the economic INCLUSION and FRIENDLINESS towards Japan, Germany, & Italy AFTER WWII that insured that Fascism wouldn’t rise out of the bitter embers of WAR, like it did after WWI….

    in other words, the war defeated Fascism MILITARILY….but there is a LOT more to building democracy than just military victory….you need a program of friendly, PEACEFUL, non-threatening, mutually-beneficial relations….

    War creates bitterness regardless of cause….it is what you do AFTER the war that really counts

    in fact, one COULD argue that WAR CAUSED FASCISM….it is precisely the treatment of Germany after WWI that leads to the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party…..

    If we had treated them the same AFTER WWII….the war would have been totally in vain….

    So…basically….your argument is shite and you need to re-read your history books and read the paper and watch something other than FoxNews…

    get a clue before you speak about things you clearly know nothing about….

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