Racicot: Bush Volunteered for ‘Nam

Wow. From the same team that brought you “outsourcing jobs to foreign countries is good for America,” we now have yet another choice election-year sound bite, and yet another reason to keep talking about Bush’s spotty attendance in the Texas Air National Guard: Bush campaign chairman Marc Racicot’s statement to Juan Williams during an NPR interview that Bush’s Vietnam-era service “compares very favorably” with that of John Kerry, and that in fact, Bush “volunteered to go to Vietnam. He wasn’t selected to go, but nonetheless served his country very well…”

As with Clinton and Monica, it’s not the act itself that’s such a problem. It’s the lying about it after the fact. I don’t have any problem with the way Bush pulled strings to avoid going to Vietnam. But I have a big problem with his attempting to claim that his military service is in any way comparable to John Kerry’s. Because it just isn’t. And for him to claim otherwise is dishonest, and an insult to the electorate’s intelligence.

Joshua Micah Marshall has more: Just when you start debating…

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  1. Patrick Says:

    There is just no limit to the lies they will say….in the face of cold hard facts they still lie. I guess it is understandable no one calls them on it, kinda like if laws were never enforced, people would steal and not care.

    When will the news media wake up…

  2. Step brother Eric Says:


  3. SBE Says:

    If laws were enforced, the mayor of SF would have been imprisoned, another in NY today as well, jaywalkers, bums, trial lawyers who knowingly falsly accuse doctors, and on and on and on would all be incarcerated. Well, so much for that! In any case, whatever it is that you all hate, it is absorbing you like Bob the love sponge or whatever his name is. Right wingers hate too, no doubt, but they have right on their side more so than you. I am an agnostic who fears no Queers, religious beliefs, or any other free thinking group. However, I will not tolerate any group forcing their thoughts or beliefs down my throat. Queers are just that. “Gay” is a word that they stole meaning happy and carefree. If a queer wants to challenge me because I only tolerate them instead of accepting them, well go ahead. I do not accept queerdom. I tolerate it. I do not accept this website, I tolerate it. Sorry jbc

  4. Patrick Says:

    Good lord….freak alert.

    I know you want to tell the world from the mountain on high that you are not gay. Well super freaking duper, grab your penis and feel confident in your sexuality. However, this conversation is about the Coward in Chief who has consistently lied about everything you can think of. As a REAL conservative all I can say is this guy does NOT reflect my conservative views of small government and protecting the borders.

    Now back to the subject, there is paperwork SHOWING that HE signed to NOT go overseas. Regardless of what the spin masters want to dress up this pig, the facts are the facts he didn’t sign up.

    These people are a disgrace to the name conservative and in no way should be used in accordance with their ignorance, deceit, and treason against the country.

    Don’t worry SBE….we all think you are not gay…just a freak.

  5. Charlie Says:

    Kerry has been outed as a liar. He also confessed to war crimes. Why do you ignorant lefties support a war criminal? Bush may not have gone to Nam but he at least didn’t commit war crimes like Kerry did. Kerry is scum and an embarrassment to all of us Vietnam vets. Why anyone would want someone like Kerry in office is beyond me. I’d vote for bin Laden before I would Kerry. bin Laden has morals compared to Kerry.

  6. Kevin L. Connors Says:

    Well, Mr. Racicot now has some extremely well qualified back-up from retired ANG Colonel Ed Morrisey:

    “The Air Force, in their ultimate wisdom, assembled a group of 102’s and took them to Southeast Asia. Bush volunteered to go. But he needed to have 500 [flight] hours, but he only had just over 300 hours so he wasn’t eligible to go,” Morrisey recalls.

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