Bush Science Bites: Film at 11:00

So, a group formed of many of the top scientists in the country, including 20 Nobel prize winners, are making a stink about the Bush administration’s systematic and wide-ranging undercutting of the scientific process in cases where the findings of science are in conflict with Bush’s political agenda: Scientists: Bush distorts science.

This is pretty much the heart of the case against Bush. His administration is all about twisting facts to fit a priori conclusions, rather than basing conclusions on the available facts. Which is why I think he’s toast in November: Because the more successful he is at making the case that this is a dangerous world, with scary people out to get us, the more obvious it is that someone who ignores inconvenient data, refuses to acknowledge and correct for his own failures, and strenuously pretends that ideologically preordained policy positions are the perfect answer to every problem, regardless of that problem’s specifics, is not a particularly good choice for president.

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