Eric Fensler’s GI Joe Public Service Announcements

Apparently these have been floating around for a while: Fensler Films’ GI Joe shorts. They’re a bunch of short animated clips that originally ran as some kind of public service announcement after GI Joe cartoons on TV; Eric Fensler has “remixed” them, mostly by dubbing in new dialog.

Your mileage may well vary with these. When I first saw them, I thought, “Huh; weird.” As I watched more of them (eight are available on the linked-to page, and you can find more on the net if you poke around a bit; supposedly he did 25 in all), I started giggling, then flat-out laughing. Shortly thereafter, while walking somewhere with my long-suffering wife, I started chuckling in thinking about the “skier” one, and found myself trying to explain to her what was funny about it. I failed, dismally, but not before I’d ended up laughing hysterically and having to wipe away tears. Between that experience and my recent waterworks at Madame Butterfly, I’m beginning to think there may be something seriously wrong with me.

But go view the videos, and judge for yourself. “Body massage.” Heh.

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  1. Andrew Says:


  2. Omnipotent Goku Says:

    I love these fensler movies, among my favs are “porkchop sandwiches” and GIJOE Reggae. The porkchop sandwiches has become so prevalent here that I went into a village inn a few weeks back and young waitress who was serving me started babbling like the kid when I asked her for a porkchop sandwich… what a small world..

    At any rate, can someone tell me where the sound clip from GIJOE Reggae Came from? I have been obsessed with trying to figure out what the hell he is saying in the clip, but have only figured out a small portion.

    “Jamaica Man bust (foss.. farts..?), me nearly dead with laugh, I watchin people roll…. ?

    Thats obviously not dead on, but seems to make sense thus far. Does anyone have a better idea as to what it is all supposed to say or what song it came from (if its not just babble)?

  3. Alkan Says:

    The lyrics are:

    Jamaica mon foots were nearly dead with laugh, a-watchin people throw shit through a light car box hot SO COLD! Fun time da ya time fit da bus-rida, sunshine da ya italian fit da bus-rida, sunshine da ya italian fit da bus- rida, fun time da ya italian fit da bus RhiNO!

    I’d love to know where the song is from too…

  4. Sully Says:

    The tune sounds like its to “murder she wrote” by the pliers i think its in the movie save the last dance which may be where you’ve heard it.

  5. John Says:

    I LOVE the G.I. Joe movies. They are the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in a long time. I think the one where the kid slips on the edge is just huckin filarious. I’ve seen all of them too. And they’re all funny.

  6. matt Says:


  7. jimfaj Says:

    some dude at posted a request on a jamaican site for the lyrics n this is wat he sed

    “Jamaica mon fus mi naily ded wid laugh,

    a watching di people rush di door like harbour shark,

    so come

    fun time deh yah, a time fi di bus ride

    sunshine deh yah a time fi di bus ride (x2)

    fun time deh yah a time fi di bus ride



    Jamaica is the first place the singer have seen this and so it makes him laugh,

    watching as the bus comes to be loaded the people rush to get position of the door like hungry sharks in an harbour,

    It’s fun to ride the bus home due to the different people with their varying personalities and the very bus driver giving everyone the time of their life.

    All this happen mostly as the end of the work day signified by sunshine.”

    i dont know how much truth is in that, but its the best ive found to date.

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  9. Booyah Says:

    I love two of them mainly:

    The one where the house is on fire and the weird alien comes in the house is one of the best. “Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep”. I love that kids expression when he sees his friend get vaporized!

    The other is the odd one with the two black kids at the construction site. “Blah!” I love her face then. That’s bloody hilarious.

    Oh, and of course, the boy falling off the cliff is a classic.

  10. Tibor Says:


    “Get that fuckin’ kid off my ice you little wankers!”

    “Don’t fuckin’ look at me when I’m talkin’ to you!”

    “Give him the stick….DON’T GIVE HIM THE STICK!”

    “Do you know my dad?” “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”

  11. Andrew Says:

    The ice one is definetly the best, but they all make me laugh.

    Help computer, the car accident, the camping one with the fire blanket indian guy, the sailor who knows the kids mom, the australian guy with the fridge. they all rule

    tell me johnny, does your mother still hang out at dockside bars?

    dockside bars?!?!?!

  12. porkchop sandwhiches Says:

    yeah, i sorta LOVE GI Joe…. i think my favorite is either the pork chop sandwhiches one, where the kitchen catches on fire, or the ice one, when the kid falls, and goes “ah Fuck!!!” i laugh every single time i watch that… but yeah, i need to get back to work now…

  13. Michael Says:

    GI Joe PSAa rock! but what are the original PSAs about?

  14. Andrew Says:

    i found a site that tells you what the original were about and what the GI Joe’s name is. eg. Body massage machine’s real name is ROAD-BLOCK

  15. I'm A Computer Says:

    I love these things! My boyfriend and I keep quoting it and people think we’re crazy. “I’m a computer…” *busts a gut*

  16. Mo Says:

    Nigga plz

  17. baef Says:

    Ah hell nah, whassup dog!

  18. masc Says:

    brothers! I went looking for more and more. but fensler is unavailible… where else could one aquire such a supply!?

  19. Fucker Says:

    Whould someone answer the original fucking question please….. where the hell are the original PSA’s!!!!!!


  20. John Callender Says:

    Heh. To quote a cool teeshirt someone was telling me about recently, “I am not your fucking search engine.” Dude. God gave you google for a reason. Use it.

  21. Carlostwin Says:

    I have all 25 or so G.I.Joe Mpegs downloads. So if anyone needs them you can find me on MSN Messenger by the name of Carlostwin.

    I’d be happy to upload them to you (I have a 1.5Mb connection). Just not all at once.

    All I have to say is “Stop all the downloadin!”.

    P.S. Am still looking for the track about the Bus Driver, whats the name and artist.

  22. Australia Says:

    The originals can be found here.

  23. Amelie Says:

    They are funny, but I found one that is better….It looks and sounds like an original episode….Some comedian in new york city… is the site go to the video page and click on DUB….It is sooooooooooooooooo funny, I thought I was watching a real episode….

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