Stick-Figure Two Towers

You won’t have noticed, but I’ve been keeping my obsessed-fanboy side in check for the past several months. Well, I can feel the restraint slipping. We’re well and truly entering the ROTK spoiler season at, which means it’s time for everyone, or at least me, to begin thinking continuously about the upcoming conclusion of the Greatest Film Adaptation of All Time.

I think I can restrain myself for at least a little longer, at least as far as posting about it here goes. But I can’t pass up posting about this one. From the truly insane cats at The Two Towers Movie – Stick Version. Flash required.

7 Responses to “Stick-Figure Two Towers”

  1. Catspaw Says:

    Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. chris Says:


  3. Anonymous Says:

    the best fucking move ever

  4. Anonymous Says:


  5. Dustin Says:

    Wow this sux and you should not animated things this bd give up fagot

  6. Dustin Says:


  7. Anonymous Says:

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