Neiwart on Bush’s Lies

Oh, no! Not another Bush-lied piece on Iraqi WMDs.

Well, no. This one is actually more wide-ranging than that. From freelance journalist David Neiwert, writing in his weblog Orcinus: Bush the liar. It’s a scrupulously thorough exploration of the subject of Bush’s lies in general. Yes, the WMD lies get a special place in the coverage due to their serious and ongoing impact, but the overall picture is much bigger than that. It isn’t just that Bush lied in that particular case. It’s that he lies routinely and shamelessly as part of the daily business of selling himself to the electorate.

Anyway, if you despise Bush, as I do, you’ll like it. If you support him, and think he’s basically an okay guy, and at least as honest as most politicians, you should probably think about reading it, and trying to reconcile your views with the information it contains. Go ahead; do your best. It’s fully sourced; the information is all there.

Or just go on believing what you want to believe. That’s certainly going to be less work, at least.

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