Jesus Is Da Bomb

I have no idea what this site is trying to do, but it still blows me away. Thanks to Bravo for the link.

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  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. Anonymous Says:

    laura still hasnt fogiven me.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    laura u rock!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Do u like tyler laura!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    i agree wiv her

  7. Anonymous Says:

    tyler sux but i still luv him

  8. Anonymous Says:

    y do u still luv tyler

  9. Anonymous Says:

    yea heaps j*me

  10. Anonymous Says:

    hi wat r u doin

  11. Anonymous Says:

    cos i can

  12. Anonymous Says:

    hey this is jamie and people keep on dising tyyler i man laura still likes him i think do u laura?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    yea i do does he no dat megan only asked him out 2 c wot he wud say 2 c if he did actually lyk me

  14. Anonymous Says:

    He still like u but he likes me and Carla as well i dont no why!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    cos u guys hav been flirtin wit him spesh carla

  16. Anonymous Says:

    No he always had liked me i dont no why and u no i dont no when i flirt i dont even no what the definnation of flirt is!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    yea i no dat u dnt but carla was flirtin wit him lyk hard out

  18. Anonymous Says:

    When was that?When did she do taht she would ahve never of done that if it had hurt u did it hurt u?

  19. Anonymous Says:

    i am

  20. Anonymous Says:

    in worship & @ lunch

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Really i will talk to her and also wear a mini skirt at amys party can u as well!

  22. Anonymous Says:

    mayb i prob will

  23. Anonymous Says:

    to luara Cool cause i got a new one could u please i will wear it to the party!thanx baes from jamie

  24. Anonymous Says:

    yea wots ur new 1 look lyk

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Kinda of one like your in your syle as in the lose kind of thing but its black and it has a butterfly on it!

  26. Anonymous Says:


  27. Anonymous Says:

    yeah how much was urs?

  28. Anonymous Says:

    botu $20 urs??????????????????? i feel lyk shoutin @ tyler

  29. Anonymous Says:

    mine was 15 dollars what would u say?To tyler?

  30. Anonymous Says:

    i dunno but i wanna no y? he hsnt even tld me

  31. Anonymous Says:

    ok its all gud

  32. Anonymous Says:

    mine has a bumble bee on it and it was $35, but it is soooooooooooooooooooooooo worth it

  33. Anonymous Says:

    hu r u

  34. Anonymous Says:

    i got mine at agarage sale its cheap and good

  35. Anonymous Says:


  36. Anonymous Says:

    and i want to do you

  37. Anonymous Says:

    in your skirts

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Who are u?What is the bumble bee?

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Tyler r u on here?

  40. Anonymous Says:

    who is it then

  41. Anonymous Says:

    i wanna do you up your butts

  42. ben Says:

    u smeel

  43. Anonymous Says:

    i’m one of god’s creation

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Ok if u are tyler hu do u like?

  45. ben Says:

    this is me

  46. Anonymous Says:

    hey ben its laura u r soo hot i wanna do you

  47. Anonymous Says:

    tyler is dis u????????????????????? if it is i still luv u

  48. Anonymous Says:

    i like laura

  49. ben Says:

    shut up tyler

  50. Anonymous Says:

    Who likes laura?

  51. tyler Says:

    i like laura A LOT, you are really pretty

  52. Anonymous Says:

    tyler??????????? is dat really u

  53. tyler Says:

    of course baby

  54. Tyler Says:

    i like laura

  55. tyler Says:

    i need laura

  56. Anonymous Says:

    wots ur last name

  57. tyler Says:

    like jesus needs a homo

  58. Anonymous Says:

    Do u like jamie as well form laura

  59. tyler Says:

    no i just like laura

  60. Luke Says:

    lick my balls

  61. tyler Says:

    so when do we start the prayer circle jerk

  62. Anonymous Says:

    wots ur last name

  63. jayden Says:


  64. Anonymous Says:

    fine then u do that when is ur b day?

  65. luke Says:

    fuck me

  66. Anonymous Says:

    i love laura

  67. jayden Says:

    me 2

  68. ben Says:

    i like ?

  69. Anonymous Says:

    people around the nation

  70. Anonymous Says:

    jamie smells

  71. Anonymous Says:

    hu is on this I REALLY NEED TO NO!

  72. Anonymous Says:


  73. Anonymous Says:

    Can I see a picture of Tyler and Laura in the NUUUUUUUDE?

  74. BOBO Says:

    Do the chicken dance

  75. BOBO Says:

    do the chicken dance

  76. BOBO Says:

    hu is on here i will give u a pic of dem naked if u tell me hu u are!

  77. Anonymous Says:

    I’m here, I want the pics, it’s George

  78. BOBO Says:

    george hu?

  79. BOBO Says:

    talk to me dam it!

  80. tyler Says:


  81. Anonymous Says:

    George Burns, I’m sitting here with Jesus right now and we’re smokin’ a doob and wanting to masturbate to some pictures of Laura and Tyler.

  82. tyler Says:

    and i want to do laura and jamie in the same bed!!!!!!!!!

  83. BOBO Says:


  84. tyler Says:

    Hi bithch

  85. BOBO Says:


  86. Anonymous Says:

    hey tyza its laura

  87. George Burns Says:

    Who’s bobo?

  88. tyler Says:

    hi laura, want to come over to my house?

  89. ben Says:

    leave them alone u hobo siko or i will smash u

  90. Anonymous Says:

    sure is dis u tyler or is it george

  91. BOBO Says:

    Hus this how old r u gorge its jamie do u like me?

  92. George Burns (one down) Says:

    I’m still waiting for some pictures guys. Jesus is getting a bit bored. You’re boring the son of God!

  93. tyler Says:

    it’s tyler baby, come over

  94. Anonymous Says:


  95. tyler Says:

    jamie, you can come over to my house too and model some underwear i bought you guys

  96. BOBO Says:

    hey u george go and fuck ur self

  97. George Burns (one down) Says:

    I don’t know if I like all this violence I’m seeing here.

  98. BOBO Says:

    yeah sure bi!form jamie and laura

  99. tyler Says:

    wait! are you guys coming over??

  100. George Burns (one down) Says:

    I’ll be there in a few minutes Tyler, gotta materialize.

  101. Fuck u Says:

    were do u live

  102. tyler Says:

    next to jamie and laura

  103. Anonymous Says:

    i love your face

  104. tyler Says:

    i love yours more

  105. George Burns (one down) Says:

    What about my face do you love?

  106. tyler Says:

    so you guys are coming over right???

  107. Laura Says:

    hey ne 1 on here its laura from earlier

  108. Laura Says:

    obviously not

  109. Laura Says:

    soz g2g b bck l8r

  110. Tamara Says:

    you people are crazy all crazy i hear-by dis-own you all unfortunatly im gunna be at skool 2morro so i will have to un-dis-own you then.

  111. Laura Says:

    hey tammy sup?

  112. Laura Says:


  113. English_Bitch Says:

    Love u Tyler

  114. Laura Says:


  115. Fuck me MEGAN PLZZZZ Says:


  116. Laura Says:

    do u go out wit her

  117. Fuck me MEGAN PLZZZZ Says:

    wat u doin laura

  118. Laura Says:

    thinkin u? do u go out wit megan?????????

  119. Tamara Says:

    hey peoples

  120. Fuck me MEGAN PLZZZZ Says:

    with hu

  121. Laura Says:

    wit megan hey tammy

  122. Tamara Says:

    ok im confused (as always) wats going on?

  123. Laura Says:


  124. Anonymous Says:

    megan is a slut

  125. Tamara Says:

    ok u and tyler broke up aye?

  126. Anonymous Says:

    yea cos of her

  127. Tamara Says:

    bugga. so i shall sit here and contemplate all sorts of random shit like megan making tyler and laura break up and um Amyz party this week or next?

  128. Anonymous Says:

    this week. now megan goes out wit him & i still really lyk him & of course i h8 her @ da mo ne way

  129. Tamara Says:

    mmm food bennetts gunna get some soon :D

  130. Anonymous Says:

    k were u on here earlier 2day wen we were @ skool

  131. Tamara Says:

    shit i thort she asked tyler out 2 c what he wood say so u dumped him i didnt no he went out with megan. SAD!! even i woodnt do that even if i was SUPER pissed at u! all i can say is he is getting passed around ALOT quiker than last tyme!

  132. Anonymous Says:

    lol yea

  133. Anonymous Says:


  134. Tamara is a syco insane person! Says:

    dam thats just sad

  135. Anonymous Says:

    bck megan jus foned she dnt want tyler she mite fone u soon 2 get u 2 dump him 4 her k

  136. Tamara is a syco insane person! Says:

    yea she has asked me 2 dump him 4 her

  137. Anonymous Says:

    r u gunna

  138. Tamara is a syco insane person! Says:

    did u make mrs dg cry??

  139. Tamara is a syco insane person! Says:

    yea i will megz sais hi

  140. Anonymous Says:

    yea lol hi

  141. Tamara is a syco insane person! Says:

    i like cake

  142. Anonymous Says:

    rite lol random

  143. Tamara is a syco insane person! Says:

    yea it is kinda UMMMM ummmumum i rung tyler hes eating like good un-anerixic ppl shood.

  144. Anonymous Says:

    lol did u dump him 4 her

  145. Tamara is a syco insane person! Says:

    no cos im gunna ring him l8a his mum answered

  146. Anonymous Says:

    k tell me wot he ses wen u do

  147. Tamara is a syco insane person! Says:

    yea i will

  148. Anonymous Says:

    thnx darl

  149. Tamara is a syco insane person! Says:

    its orrite. i have his ph numba written on my arm.

  150. Anonymous Says:

    lol didnt u no it

  151. Tamara is a syco insane person! Says:

    no i dont no many peeps phone numbers but i no sam tingeys tho

  152. Anonymous Says:

    wot is it

  153. Anonymous Says:

    were u on here earlier 2day lyk wen we wud of been @ skool

  154. Tamara is a syco insane person! Says:


  155. Pure_english_babe da 1 & only sexy Laura Says:


  156. Pure_english_babe da 1 & only sexy Laura Says:

    k cos hav u red all da convo cos we hav a stalker

  157. Tamara is a syco insane person! Says:


  158. Pure_english_babe da 1 & only sexy Laura Says:

    no its freaky as hav u red da things he was ritin o yea it wasnt actually tyler & da jayden is lucy bobo is j*me

  159. Tamara is a syco insane person! Says:


  160. Tamara is a syco insane person! Says:

    im tlkin 2 trio at the moment

  161. Pure_english_babe da 1 & only sexy Laura Says:

    kool um tyza’s on msn

  162. Pure_english_babe da 1 & only sexy Laura Says:

    he jus sed he luvs me

  163. Tamara is a syco insane person! Says:


  164. t-ron Says:

    l0l u guyz r so funny its li3k w3n 4ll th4t $tuff hap3nd a long ti3m 4g0. r3mm3b3r? it was funny th3n 2!1!!11! peace

  165. t-ron Says:

    c0ng4t$ on t3h luv laura

  166. Pure_english_babe da 1 & only sexy Laura Says:

    wot da hell hu r u??????????

  167. t-ron Says:

    1m t-ron, w0m4n!

  168. t-ron Says:


  169. laura Says:

    hey soz not usin dis site ne more luv ya guyz

  170. Anonymous Says:


  171. t-ron Says:


  172. Anonymous Says:


  173. Lau Says:

    hey im bck :P its Laura sup???? luv ya xx

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