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Much fun has been made of the whole “duct tape and plastic” thing lately, but joking aside, if you haven’t, you really ought to go browse the calm, sensible advice that the good people at have made available. Not just because it will, as they point out, help you and your loved ones be better prepared for disasters both man-made and natural, though that’s a perfectly acceptable reason, too. No, I want you to go check it out so you can appreciate the Strangelove-ian idea that permeates it: that our only real duty as citizens is to calmly prepare ourselves and our loved ones for horrors the like of which we’ve never seen, and then, when those horrors come to pass, to seal ourselves in our inner rooms and quietly watch TV to find out what those wise men who have everything under control want us to do next. So go out and buy your plastic sheeting and bottled water, but at the same time, consider this: If these threats are real (and I can’t see any reason to think otherwise), we have another, even more urgent duty: to work with like-minded folks to send our current leaders back where they came from, replacing them with people of more wisdom and less arrogance who can plot a course to a future in which the innocent don’t have to die for stupid reasons like these.

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  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. anthony martone Says:

    I don’t agree that you are putting down our gov’t

    but, I do agree that we need to stop freaking out

    about all the “duct tape and plastic” thing. what

    we need to do is calmly,like you said, prepare

    ourselves for the attacks that may or may not come

    we just need to be aware.

  3. misterhaan Says:

    a friend of mine pointed out the website as the government’s “fear-mongering site” which seems to be a pretty good fit as far as i’m concerned.

    feel free to further enjoy the images from at ready.html:

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