What do you love most about sailing? Like what makes you want to go out again?

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

I used to live 40 kms away from any kind of civilisation, and I would feel trapped on weekends, and then I started sailing and it was like an escape. I also struggled to make friends, but sailing gave me something in common with people and when I got into the regatta scene I started making so many friends from all over the country (I recently started uni and two of my closest friends are people I’ve recognised from sailing)

Now that I’m at uni and living in the middle of New Zealands largest city, I think its just an escape, like I can just get out and get away from all the craziness and just clear my head for a bit. I’d rather just go for a sail, than actually race. I love the sound of the water against the hull of my boat, and just the rawness of it all. for a few hours, I can just be myself. I’m a total water baby, so it gives me an excuse to be on the water. I also live right next to a yacht club now, so sometimes when not really knowing anyone gets too much to handle, I can just go down to the yacht club, and theres familiar faces, ya know? 

I just realised that a lot of that isn’t about sailing and getting out as such, but I don’t know, I feel like thats what I enjoy the most. (sorry for the novel)

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