Sophie Ciszek and Her Exhausting Job on the BowMy unproblematic fave. 🙂👍

Tuesday, December 25th, 2018

My unproblematic fave. 🙂👍

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Monday, December 29th, 2014


lies tumblr is being weird, and I can’t reblog your reply in order to reply, so here is a completely new post!

I’ve never really thought about it before, but I guess Orion is kinda upside-downish. This is a picture of what we see, and I guess we decided there is another shape in there,…

Thank you for explaining the saucepan!

Yes, I watched the Sydney-Hobart start, and very much enjoyed it. The commercials reminded me of bad US TV, but the actual sailing coverage was awesome; I can only wish sailing got anything approaching that level of coverage over here.

I also felt a certain amount of schadenfreude at Comanche losing to Wild Oats XI. I realize they’re probably all modern-day robber barons with outsized boats representative of their outsized egos, but in the list of mega-rich boat owners I find vaguely (or not even vaguely) off-putting, Jim Clark is toward the top of the list. It’s not really fair, I guess, and I actually feel quite positive toward Ken Read, Comanche’s skipper. And the boat itself is amazing.

Yacht racing generally is super problematic in ways I’ve always been aware of; the whole endeavor operates as an explicit celebration of over-the-top privilege. My awareness of that has come into sharper focus over the years, and when it’s on display as blatantly as it is in the case of Comanche it’s hard for me not to let it color who I’m pulling for.

But I still like watching the boats.

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