Sarah Horn’s duet with Kristin Chenoweth at the Hollywood…

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Sarah Horn’s duet with Kristin Chenoweth at the Hollywood Bowl

YouTuber rghurst made the video above by combining the best parts of the two most-popular audience videos. If you haven’t seen the performance yet, it’s totally worth six minutes of your time.

A quick roundup of what’s happened to Sarah in the past week:

  • Mike Kestler’s videoHolly Choe’s videorghurst’s mashup video. Funny story: I had the same idea of combining the videos, and went as far as creating one and uploading it to YouTube, before I saw rghurst’s. Both of us made the exact same choices at every step, except he included one brief cut back to the Kestler video that I didn’t. Great minds! :-)
  • In Her Own Words: Sarah Horn Shares Inspirational Story of Singing with Kristin Chenoweth at the Hollywood Bowl and Going Viral! – Horn’s own account. “I was not singing for the crowd as a performer usually does but was singing FOR them, in place of them. I was them and they were me. I was up there doing what every single person in that audience wished they could do. I cannot remember another time where I felt more connected to a body of people and at peace with where I was and what I was doing in a single moment.”
  • A local news story from KTLA 5. “Wicked was my favorite musical in high school, and I must have sang ‘For Good’ a hundred times.”
  • Sarah Horn on Inside Edition – Recaps the event, including a brief interview.
  • Sarah Horn will return to Hollywood Bowl stage (without Chenoweth) L.A. Times article, including an extended video interview. Mentions that Horn has been invited to be a judge and sing at “Abba-Cappella”, a sing-off event at the Hollywood Bowl on September 8.
  • Sarah Horn: Part of a Bowl-ful of talent – Megan Daum’s op-ed piece about the event, including discussion of the rumor that Sarah might have been a plant. “Sure, real spontaneity is rare. But the truth is, there are lots of talented people in the world, most of whom will never be famous and some of whom are probably more talented than the artists who sell out arenas and, ahem, appear on the Video Music Awards.”
  • Vocal instructor sings at the Hollywood Bowl and Teacher’s duet heard ’round the world – A couple of articles from Sarah’s local paper, The Press-Enterprise.
  • YouTube Singing Sensation Sarah Horn on Fame, Fans and Those Stubborn Skeptics (Q&A) – An interview from The Hollywood Reporter. “Horn: A man Facebooked me this morning, saying his young son would have been 7 recently but he passed away in infancy. The song he played at his funeral was ‘For Good’, and he said that he would never be able to listen to that again. But someone sent him this video and for some reason he played it and he said he had tears of joy in his eyes and said that for the first time in years, he felt his son. In reading that I just had to get the tissue box out. I’m tearing up right now just thinking about it.”
  • Sarah Horn’s Facebook page – Includes Sarah’s call for people to email Ellen DeGeneres to have her on the show. My prediction: It will totally happen, and it will happen like this: Ellen will talk with Sarah about the experience, then will invite her to sing. “But wait; we should get someone from the audience to help you. Is there anyone here who knows ‘For Good’? How about  you — yes, you, the short blonde woman in the back. Come on down.” And then Kristin Chenoweth will appear, the audience will go nuts, and when they’re done there won’t be a dry eye in the house. You heard it hear first.

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