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Saturday, May 21st, 2016



Night Unto Night (WB 1949)

“An epileptic scientist and a neurotic widow learn to accept their personal tragedies”

There’s also a dinner party during a hurricane during which Reagan has to be talked out of suicide.  

Featuring Ronald Reagan, Broderick Crawford (playing against type as a artist–while All the King’s Men was still in theatres), and directed by Don Siegel.

Bizarre 1949 film based on a novel by Philip Wylie–who coined the mother-hating idea of “Momism.“ Ponderous. Note the ten minute difference between preview and release times–not a good indication.  Ugly misogynistic tenor, even with Kathryn Scola script

Wait, what? He told us that Personal Space would launch his acting career!

“Actually, notwithstanding its pretensions to profundity, the story unfolds on a note of romance and emotion rather than of genuine intellectuality. It is, essentially, a woman’s picture.”

I don’t think Charles L. Franke wants to start a debate about pretentiousness. Also, dude, tag your spoilers. (Directing that at Franke, not the OP.)

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I hope my posting Casting Doubt gifs isn’t becoming bothersome….

Friday, February 19th, 2016

I hope my posting Casting Doubt gifs isn’t becoming bothersome. I think the series is hilarious, while saying something important that deserves to be said.

I also assume that Paula, by publicly calling this stuff out, is willingly placing herself in the path of extra helpings of online misogyny. This video she posted a couple of days ago seems like it might be evidence of that.

Casting Doubt is small and hasn’t found its audience yet. But like a child, that doesn’t mean it isn’t wonderful. I hope it gets the chance to grow and achieve its full potential, but in the meantime I’m just happy it exists.

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