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Friday, July 3rd, 2020


a list of dumb atla headcanons

  • the gaang have a lazy and silly game of pressing stuff against toph’s feet and getting her to guess what it is. sokka started it, forgetting that toph can only ‘see’ earth, but the game stuck
  • suki swears a lot more than anyone expects her to. more than sokka does, because he’s been brought up to believe that you shouldn’t swear in front of women. he was also taught that women themselves don’t swear, so she often plays it up just to make him squirm
  • while mai never has any desire to reconnect with azula, ty lee thinks about her a lot and sometimes visits her. azula wouldn’t be pleased to see her at first, but ty lee has an unfailing niceness that means she weathers coldness well. over time, she’d be one of a few people who helped azula get to a better place
  • toph is the chief of getting stones out of people’s shoes on long walks. she uses this as more evidence for why shoes suck
  • zuko is queer but doesn’t realise it for quite a long time because it never even seemed like an option to him. aang probably mentions something completely offhand about a gay monk he knew way back when and zuko is like ‘wait. that’s a thing?’, which sparks a long and weird process of him re-analysing his past relationships with dudes. jet comes up a lot.
  • aang mentions hei bai so often that the gaang has in-jokes about it. long into adulthood, they ask him to ‘say hey to hei bai’ whenever he has to voyage into the spirit world
  • once zuko’s hair grows long enough, the gaang bullies him into letting katara braid it and give him ‘hair loopies’. he yields to shut them up. sokka never laughs harder in his life
  • iroh teaches all of the kids pai sho on their many visits to his teashop. to have any chance of winning, they sometimes all team up to play against him. it still isn’t a fair game, mostly because katara and zuko can’t stop arguing over what the right move is
  • sokka occasionally just sits and watches the moon when he can’t sleep. sometimes he gets the sense that yuey is watching back, especially on a full moon, but he always dismisses the thought

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