URGENT: Prevent Foreign Hacking: encourage a recount in MN, PA, WI

Thursday, November 24th, 2016


The situation:  

Top computer
security experts believe that voting machines are highly susceptible to
hacking. These experts are encouraging candidates to ask for a recount to make
sure that the machines weren’t hacked to meddle with the results.  This is especially important since Russian
hacking has already meddled in our election process!

Why it’s urgent:  

There’s a
statute of limitations for a recount: “The
deadlines for filing recount petitions are soon — for example, this Friday in
Wisconsin (margin 0.7%),
Monday in Pennsylvania (margin 1.2%), and the following
Wednesday in Michigan (margin 0.3%).”  

This isn’t just an attempt to clutch at
straws and try to get Hillary into the White House. Doing the audit would also help
discourage possible future attempts at hacking. This is an important safeguard
against external interference in our elections more broadly. It should be a
bipartisan issue!

 Action You Can Take:

1. Call the
Department of Justice
(202) 514-2000

2. There will
be a menu of options.  Press #4 to
leave a message.

3. Listen to
a brief recording re: DOJ.

4. When
prompted, leave your message.  You can
use the script below:

My name is NAME and I am calling to support an audit of the election
results in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Computer security experts
believe that the machines may have been hacked and I am very disturbed by the
idea a foreign state like Russia may be interfering in our elections. Please order
an audit to check the paper ballots and verify the integrity of our elections. Thank you.”

(If you live in MN, PA, or WI, you might want to add that
to your message to give it extra weight.)

Also, please sign this petition.

UPDATE: Help Jill Stein File for a Recount!

Jill Stein is going to call for a recount in MN, PA, and WI, almost certainly for Clinton’s benefit and not her own, since there’s no way she won any of those states. But candidates have to pay for recounts, so she’s raising money on her website. Please donate if you can!

You can read more
about the situation behind the cut:

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