Dispatches from the Dream World

Sunday, December 4th, 2016


Two crows just woke me up from a dream that I was a kind of “magic archer” in a little fantasy village–all stone streets and stone buildings and slate roofs, with a forest all around it and a stream flowing through it (with frogs and eels in it!) and a wide, grassy field a little above it, where we (the archers) would sometimes have to fight off shadowy monsters (smoky, skeletal deer?) that would manifest there. There was something about the arrows we used, or how we tipped the arrows. We would hide in a low place on one side of the field and rush the monsters when they appeared.

And sometimes we, and the rest of the villagers, would have to fend off “The Boar”–who may or may not have been an actual boar, but he and his entourage would drive by the top of the cobblestone road that led to the village. Yes, drive, on an incongruous two-lane asphalt road (that cut through some tall, grassy hills with trees on top–it went slightly uphill there), in a whole series of 1930s and 1940s dieselpunk cars with tinted windows. We’d all stand guard at the top of our road and make as much noise as we could to scare them off.

But the crows woke me up from a dream about a wintertime hunt–still an archer here. We were hunting a kind of monstrous deer–part Chinese water deer, part dragon, part whitetail deer, I guess. I saw a kind of illuminated illustration of the thing at one point. We could hear the thing bellowing and roaring in the woods. It had just snowed, the sky was still gray. I was on foot while most of the other people with me were on horseback. That meant that I could get through a kind of tangle of fallen trees easier than they could and into a small clearing. I found tracks there and started to follow them (now that I’m awake, I realize they were rabbit tracks, not deer tracks). The crows woke me up at that point. I would have liked to have seen the monstrous deer, though.

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