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Monday, May 31st, 2021




see I WOULD have thought that the Cruella movie spoilers I’ve seen here were for sure fake, but I’ve learned my lesson from “Mr. Mime is doused in gasoline and burned alive” and “Palpatine fucks”

Are they getting worse at writing stories or was it always like this and we just didn’t notice

Oh, the stories are definitely getting worse. And the writers are more blatant about playing for sympathy points, too. By now I expect Disney prequels explaining the following:

  • Lady Tremaine was the sweetest, kindest, and gentlest of women until she was threatened with financial ruin by her first husband, who wanted to divorce her for a hot blonde.  Unwilling to deal with imminent and long-lasting poverty, the social ruin divorce caused in her era, or the destruction of her daughters’ future, she murdered him.
  • Jafar was actually a surviving royal from a kingdom that the Sultan’s grandfather had absorbed into Agrabah, but no one told him this until he was an adult and thoroughly ensconced as the Grand Vizier. Outraged at his loss of family, status, wealth and power, he decided that since he couldn’t have his own country and people back, he’d claim Agrabah as his own. Turnabout’s fair play, right?
  • Scar and Mufasa used to be the closest of brothers…until Scar came out and older brother Mufasa revealed that he was massively homophobic.
  • Frollo was raised in an ultra-religious, sex-repulsed, anti-Rroma household and he never had any friends, so it never occurred to him that there was any other way to be.
  • Ursula was terribly mistreated by her younger brother Triton, who spread dreadful stories about her and her magic and who eventually stole her throne.

Honestly, it’s not hard. You just have to imagine that the chief villain is a villain not because of their own choices, but because of someone else’s actions–preferably, someone previously thought to be good (like Mufasa),  innocuous (like Triton, who opposes Ariel but isn’t evil), or previously nonexistent (Lady Tremaine’s previous husband, the Sultan’s conquering grandfather, and Frollo’s repressive family).  This presents villainy reactive rather than active, as an understandable response that anyone would have rather than a deliberate and conscious choice to do, and to continue doing, things known to harm to others.

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