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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015



That piece of clothes/scarf(?)!!

I have been wondering when did Nux wrap it around his wrist?

At first I thought it was after he met Capable in the cab; but it seems like he wrapped it around his wrist when he tried to get in the rig? For the sake of convenience I guess?

Anyway, still love the fact that her stuff ended up in his hands

I know the real reason he initially kept it is because these people waste nothing and everything is precious. But it still makes me a happy shipper.

I never noticed before that you can see Capable react to the tug on her scarf. Nux grabs it in his effort to stay on the rig, and she winces for a moment as the strain comes on her neck.

This movie. There was so much visual storytelling going on that you can slow it down until you’re literally going frame by frame and find new, meaningful story information the whole way.

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drivebyanon: Mad Max: Fury Road – Fire

Friday, June 19th, 2015


Mad Max: Fury Road – Fire

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