Saturday, August 10th, 2013


I was in Keflavik today going back Home from Iceland which to be honest I was really upset about, I saw real happiness in iceland. I’d just ordered lunch in a little cafe and I was sitting at the table alone waiting for my family to finish ordering. Then I look around a bit, because it’s actually a lovely airport and to the left of me,  7 meters away, adorable little Alex is sitting there and of course I’m think it’s not Alex just wishful thinking but then I put on my glasses and ITS HIM. By this time my brother has sat down and I whisper to him ‘Bubba that’s Alex over there oh my god’ Now can I just say that my family don’t really know about Sigur Ros that much but they have all seen photos from my fangirling and he says ‘well go talk to him’. Now I am not at social interaction I kind of weep my way through general conversation so my first reaction is NO. But then of course FREAKING JONSI goes and joins him. At this point my who family has come over and they are all watching me, and I am literally on the verge of throwing up because I am hyperventilating and shaking so badly. I really want to go over there but it’s so rude because they are just going about their daily lives and you don’t want a fan annoying you but then THE REST OF SIGUR ROS COME SIT DOWN WITH THIER COFFEES. At this point my whole family is like ‘Come on Lieve, you have to go there or else you will regret it’ and I knew that I would regret it if I didn’t but I didn’t want to be rude so I stayed put, but then my mum went to buy another copy of Kveikur for something like 2,800 KR and that’s quite expensive, so that she could guilt trip me into going up. Which of course worked, so Shaking like a leaf I wobble my way up to Jonsi and Alex and Sigur Ros and at first they don’t notice me so I almost turn back when Alex turns to me and then Jonsi does and I’m like ‘I’m sorry but could you please sign this’ and Jonsi takes it from my hand and is like ‘Yes of course’ at this point I’m dying a little bit inside and he then writes ‘Takk…’ ‘Jonsi’ and ‘Sigur Ros’ all in purple Sharpie and then I wanted to ask Alex and Orri and Goggi to sign it but I kind of was on the verge of fainting. He then looks up at me smiles and hands it back and oh my god I had never realised how blue his eyes were before.Then I just said ‘Thank you so much’ and walked away. I literally then proceeded to sob in my mothers arms for a little while because I had been so nervous. It’s actually really beautiful and I am so happy that I did it because It kind of proved to me that people are just humans and I am a human too so I shouldn’t be scared of them. 

This totally reminds me (the physiological reaction, I mean, not the rest of the story) of the time in the 1980s when I was in the Häagen-Dasz store in Westwood getting ice cream with Holly, my date, when Mark Mothersbaugh walked in with his date to buy an ice cream. It was this weird mixture of ohmygodthereheis and becoolbecoolbecool and not wanting to do anything to make him uncomfortable but just totally geeking out and being unable to help myself and realizing that that was probably going to make him feel uncomfortable but what else could I do?

I got kind of light-headed and had to sit down, and Holly was concerned, asking me, “What’s the matter? Are you okay?” And I was just whispering yeah, I’m fine, but do you know who that is? And she looked, and turned back to me and shook her head, and I whispered, It’s Mark Mothersbaugh. And she said, who? And I could only sit there and stare until he finished up his purchase and left. And in hindsight I’m sure it was totally obvious what a ridiculous fanboy I was being, because my desperate effort to act cool was so visibly torturing me, and this was in a shop where the public space was about 150 square feet, and I was just staring at him wide-eyed and hyperventilating.

Oh god. How embarrassing from the 30-years-later perspective. He was just a person trying to buy his ice cream.

Being a fan is so weird.

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