I was tagged by @pastel-and-proud.How old are you?Oh dear. We went right there. I’m 54.Current…

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

I was tagged by @pastel-and-proud.

How old are you?

Oh dear. We went right there. I’m 54.

Current job/dream job?

I work as a back-end web developer/programmer for a smallish startup-type company. It’s a pretty wonderful job.

What is a big goal you’re working towards (or have already achieved)?

At one point I had the goal of writing a book and having it published. I succeeded in that, and I’m happy with the result, though the book was not a success in the sense I hoped it would be while I was writing it.

I’d like to write a second book, this one fiction (the first was nonfiction). I’ve completed a first draft, but about half of it is crap. I’m currently working on the second draft, trying to improve the crap/non-crap ratio. We’ll see how that goes.

Another goal I have is helping the coastal community I live in better understand and plan for sea level rise. That one is tricky. The research and planning part is fairly straightforward, but the “getting people to understand and act on that understanding” part is harder, at least for an introvert like me.

What is your aesthetic? 

I like nature.

Do you collect anything?

Lately, Pokémon. Also: knowledge about new-to-me things. Previous new-to-me things I’ve obsessed about long enough to acquire a decent collection of trivial knowledge: Bird identification, competitive sailing, the use of computers as a communication device, (some) movies, (some) music, (some) literature, (some) art.

What is a topic you’re always up to talk about?

The ecology of coyote brush (Baccharis pilularis) and its insect associates.

What is a pet peeve of yours?

Incurious people who let an ideological framework blind them to important truths – especially if the ideological framework is one I share, and extra-especially if the person in question is me.

Good advice to give?

Do the dishes right away. It takes exactly as long as if you wait, but you aren’t living with a sinkful of dirty dishes in the meantime.

Recommend three songs.

Radiohead’s song “Silent Spring” (which became “The Numbers” on the album). I really love that first live performance in Paris:

Peter Gabriel’s “Only Us”:

The Blue Nile’s “Family Life”:

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