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Thursday, October 6th, 2016


Hidden Gems of a Webseries: Edgar Allen Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party

It’s so rare to find a canon that not only balances delightful humor with the macabre

but also affectionately pays respect to the ever-present literary spirit (pun totes intended). The first webisode cements this balance in its well-crafted soundtrack – seriously, listen to each and every introduction and how the lyrics shift to personify each author that crosses that threshold.

It’s no mistake, mind you, that the score screeches to a halt upon the door opening to Emily Dickinson (or that the opening titles never quite have her grace our screens. No wonder she has to carve out her presence! She’s a real, live person!!).

The creative team’s gone above and beyond in peppering their work with literary jokes of all stripes (from
Dostoyevsky’s “spirit for a spirit!” to even Oscar’s portrait rearing its beautiful head and Eliot insisting that she!! is!! a!! man!!!!) – after all, it makes sense that Lenore’s speech patterns are the only ones resembling ours. She escapes time and place; she’s not bound to history. She’s transcended it, much like a certain H.G. Wells and his (not-quite-yet-invented) Time Machine.

#ILovePoeParty not only because of its sharp wit (”Did someone say murder?”) but because of each and every loving detail. How a show manages to become better upon rewatching it, I have no clue, but Poe Party does it with such finesse that you notice new things (and reactions!) every time.

Seriously, if you’re not watching it – and it doesn’t take forever to catch up, given that each episode’s ~7-10 minutes long: Give it a whirl already!!

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