I’m so glad you asked!! Here are a few I’ve giffed :)

Note: I’ve also included image descriptions and “text reads” sections beneath them all in case the gifs don’t load/I know some of them are difficult to read

ID: Gif of MK and Sean from the Princess Bride reading, Sean as Westley and Mary Kate as Buttercup. They come close, nearly nose-to-nose as if they’re about to kiss, and Sean speaks a line from the script. He smirks at Mary Kate, waggling his brows, then turns away. Per the stage directions, Mary Kate feigns longing for him.

ID: Gif of Sean and Mary Kate from the American Whoopee watch party. Sean mentions that it the screen’s layout makes it look like he and Mary Kate are on separate windows. Sean uses his finger to enhance the illusion.

Text reads: Sean: Mary Kate look, it looks like we’re on two different screens | Mary Kate: It does! | Underneath in small text, “Sean Persaud” and “MKWiles” in their respective “windows”

ID: Gif of Sean and Mary Kate from the same reading. Sean is seated at the front of the couch with MK lounging behind him.

Text reads: MK: Whoopee! | Sean: Umm… Yeah. Okay. | MK and Sean at the same time: We ready?

ID: Gif of Sinéad, MK, and Sean from the Poe Party Kickstarter vlog. They’re in a dressing room. Sinéad holds up Sean’s Poe ‘stache while MK vlogs. She pans to Sean, who’s seated in a chair getting touch ups.

Text reads: MK: Behold the Poe ‘stache! | Sinéad: In its little box! | MK: It’s gonna be on his face. Sean looks pretty good in a mustache. | [Sean: *disgruntled disapproval*] | MK: I think so. [*the cutest little bashful smile*]

ID: Gif taken from Mary Kate’s “Poe Party Post-Production Vlog” (that’s a lot of P’s). Mary Kate vlogs with Sean at the premiere, and kisses him on the cheek for his outstanding work on the series. Also look at how cute these nerds are.

Text reads: MK: 70,000 people have watched it online! | Sean: And they’re ALL here

ID: Gif taken from MK’s “Gilded Lily Production” vlog. Mary Kate and Sean sit outside a recording booth while Mary Kate’s friend Noah fixes something’s inside the booth.

Text reads: Mary Kate: Hopefully it won’t suck. Noah’s in the booth in there right now, and that’s where I’m about to be. | Sean: It won’t suck. I have a good feeling.

ID: Sean and Mary Kate sit on the couch during one of Shipwrecked’s livestreams. This is the first Perswiles gif I ever made, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. 💛

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