mapsontheweb:Here are the lighthouses of Europe.  The map is…


Here are the lighthouses of Europe.  The map is even better than it might seem at first glance: the colors are the real colors, the patterns are the real patterns, and the size of the dots is the distance at which each light is visible.

Interactive map:

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Tags: A LOT, there were a dozen or so lights in socal, that I interacted with enough to know and think of as friends, I can still tell you their periods and colors, forty years after I pretty much stopped, being an offshore racing navigator, since gps it doesn’t feel the same, but back in the day, those lights mattered, let us gather round the campfire in the post apocalypse, and I will tell you of point fermin, and the west end, long point, ship rock, and the far-reaching loom, of the point vicente light, sweeping past the dark rim of the world.

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