Head canons for bg characters in Encanto

Osvaldo is a candymaker and toy seller. He’s completely tactless, lacking any sort of filter for the thoughts that hit his tongue, but he does mean well. He ends up giving away quite a bit of free candy because he accidentally says things that make children cry, which makes him feel horrible. He did, however, give Mirabel a huge jar of chocolates (big enough that Luisa had to carry them home) the day after her failed candle ceremony, hoping it would help her feel better. It helped a little bit.

Juancho’s parents aren’t the most attentive, and will give him anything he wants. He’s an only child, so it’s not hard to get his way. He’s definitely a caffeine addict. Thankfully, there’s not much trouble to get into in Encanto, so Juancho being left to his own devices is far from what the town calls a crisis.

Alejandra has ADHD. It is literally physically impossible for her to relax sometimes. She is also the loudest child in town, and Dolores avoids her for this reason. She’s the only kid who can match Juancho stride for stride when he’s high on caffeine (or he’s the only kid who can match her stride for stride with help from his caffeine). He tries to share his coffee with her, but it usually ends up settling her down so she no longer matches his energy.

Cecilia is one of Camilo’s favorite kids to hang out with and babysit, because she’s one of the few who regularly asks Camilo what HE would like to do for the day. Her family is one of the wealthier ones in town, and they like pretty hats. Her parents are raising her and her older sister to be compassionate, active listeners. Cecilia often acts as moderator between Juancho and Alejandra, whose energy levels can lead to yelling matches.

Cecilia’s older sister is the girl in green who told Mirabel that she was in denial. Her name shall be Carmina (“song,” matching Cecilia, named for the patron saint of musicians). She can be honest to the point of bluntness, but it’s always with compassion. She is only about a year and a half older than Cecilia, and while they are very close at home, they have two very different friend groups and so don’t usually hang out together in town. Carmina is destined to be a therapist when she grows up.

Señora Pezmuerto earned her nickname among the kids of Encanto by making a rather loud fuss about her goldfish dying. That her real name is Paz-Maldonado doesn’t help matters at all. She still hasn’t lived it down and still blames Bruno, who was merely observing that her fish looked sick due to oxygen deprivation.

Señora Guzmán is not quite ten years younger than Abuela Alma. Mariano is her youngest, and she had him when she was in her 40s, similar to Pepa and Antonio. She is sometimes referred to as Abuela Guzmán because her older kids have families of their own, who still live in Encanto. She has been a widow since Mariano was about ten.

The priest’s name is Padre Franco (after my favorite priest character, Father Francis Mulcahy). His family has a strong history of male pattern baldness, and it often sets in early in life. He’s related to the priest who married Pedro and Alma.

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