Rereading LOTR has really reminded me of two things: 1) I still adore Book!Legolas (although I love his movie version too), and 2) there’s not enough content of this version of him. So, just because I can, have this Book!Legolas appreciation post about my favorite traits of his:

  • Absolutely LOVES his friends. We all know about his friendship with Gimli, but there’s more. To elaborate:
  • Affectionately calls Merry and Pippin “the merry young hobbits” and stresses so much when they’re kidnapped that he almost doesn’t let his companions rest on their pursuit of the Uruk-hai. When they find out the hobbits are safe and turn from their pursuit together with Gandalf, he seems genuinely disappointed they might not see them again.
  • Declares he’ll go with Aragorn before the latter has had a chance to say where he’s planning to go (which he doesn’t know himself yet, but it turns out to be the Paths of the Dead).
  • Doesn’t want to translate the Elves’ songs about Gandalf because he still isn’t over his fall; at his return he’s the first to recognize him and the joy in his reaction speaks for itself.
  • Would prefer to go to Minas Tirith but says he will follow Frodo to Mordor if that’s where he wants to go.
  • For that matter, also tries to come up with ways to help his friends a lot. In the situation above he first suggests a vote so Frodo doesn’t have to decide by himself, for instance; when Gimli doesn’t want to borrow a horse but can’t keep up on foot he lets him ride behind him so he doesn’t have to worry about either; and so on.
  • Laughs way more than his movie counterpart, especially around Gimli. Pretty playful and prone to poking fun at his friends and the differences between them in general, featuring the occasional nicknaming.
  • More humble than his movie version. Treats the body count battle at Helm’s Deep as more of a joke and doesn’t care about Gimli winning because he’s so glad to see him safe and sound; later proceeds to brag about Gimli’s body count to Treebeard as an argument to let them both travel Fangorn. Later on he all but fanboys over Elladan and Elrohir after seeing them.
  • Tries to comfort and cheer up his friends when they’re not doing well, like when he comforts Gimli when he’s sad about leaving Lothlórien or when he asks Aragorn to tell them what’s bothering him after he looked into the Orthanc-stone.
  • Really excited about cool forests and beautiful nature and stuff he only heard about in songs. Prone to running ahead and calling to the others to follow when excited about a place, but also prone to doing something impulsive.
  • Basically just a super cool person. 20/10 would befriend.

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