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Tags: once in a while, but also, courtney barnett, there’s a thing she does, not often that I can tell, but sometimes, where she gets lost in a song, where the melody is going, and she’s singing a line, and enjoying it in this really beautiful pure way, and suddenly I realize that she’s singing it, in what might be taken as a conventionally _pretty_ way, and it doesn’t really sound so much like her, stylistically, it’s not deadpan, not detached, but lovely, and then she’ll catch herself, and bring it back, but I heard it, and it reminds me of the intention in her interpretation, she works so hard, to sound like someone, who’s fighting against caring, fighting to hold herself apart from the world, but who fails, and can’t help caring in spite of herself, I love that, I love the moment when it slips away.

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