Hi, From someone who hasn’t watched Home for Christmas I’m curious about your last post! Why does she look sad?

jsdkjk!!! basically, in the first season she was like dating different guys, and jonas in the gifs was one of them but it didn’t end well.. and then on christmas last year she recieved 100 red roses but it didn’t say who it was FROM, and she thought it was from her co-worker, cus he arrives at her place shortly after..
and then they actually become a couple for a year but they break up in season 2 cus she doesnt actually love him and blabla… but she still has feelings for jonas and they meet again in season 2, and the gifset is when she finds out that jonas actually sent her the roses, and NOT the guy she was in a pretty bad relationship with for a year!!
so like both happy and sad i guess cus i interpret it as like.. her wondering what would’ve happened if she knew a year ago they were from jonas? and also living in a lie as to who sent them, and now being shocked to find out they were actually from the person she seems to have hoped they were from! idk if this is understandable but dkjasdjsdks

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