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Zuko finds Iroh
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(ID: first images a digital painting of Iroh and Zuko in the Spirit World. Iroh is walking up a hill with a small smile on his face, his hands in fists at his side and he is wearing his green earth nation clothing. Old Zuko is behind Iroh, Zuko is trying to catch up to Iroh and is reaching his hand to touch him. Zuko is wearing his red fire nation clothes and his long hair is half-up, half-down. There multiple colorful plants growing on the hill. In the background there’s a huge beam of blue light. The sky is a light purple. There’s multiple spirit creatures flying in the sky. There’s mountains in the backgrounds and the painting is made in a blueish hue.

The second image is also of Iroh and Zuko, but instead Zuko is in his teenage years and Iroh and Zuko are hugging each other. They both have smile smiles on their faces and have their eyes closed. The hill and background are still the same, but there’s a sunrise happening behind them. The sky is the color of yellow, orange, and purple in that order from top to bottom. End ID.)

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