fallingforboyswithmicrophones:Lenore calling Eddie a loser. Is that tomato soup?Where can I buy…


Lenore calling Eddie a loser.

Is that tomato soup?

Where can I buy these dresses?

Is that ETHAN CRAFT???

I want Lenore’s dress for my wedding dress someday.

Murder? Wait this show is about murder? (Not the first murder mystery party Ethan Craft has been too. Okay I’m done with the Ethan Craft jokes. LOVE YOU CLAYTON!!)

This house is gorgeous!

Is Edgar Allen Poe supposed to be attractive? I mean? 😍

Also how do I get an invite to this party?

Poe Party Episode One Thoughts

I feel it is my duty to point out that of the two brides we know of who wore that dress, neither of them made it to the wedding.

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