gilmoregeller:You wanna talk trust? Stevie and mom weren’t…


You wanna talk trust? Stevie and mom weren’t running around the world for a decade and a half with random men, leaving me at home to wonder if they were okay. Well, I’m sorry for having fun, David, with a selection of very confident international men, but I was always okay. Were you? Because I was the one at the consulate sending you temporary passports and colored contact lenses whenever you needed them. I was the one, at home, not having fun because I was constantly worried which East Asian palace Alexis was being held in this week. Not mom and dad. Me.

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Tags: also, which, schitts creek, you've seen the thing about how alexis was actually a spy right?, because alexis was actually a spy, as it emerges from these little probably ad-libbed bits of dialog, across the whole show, is quite awesome, annie's look in that last gif, alexis's happiness in that moment, that she doesn't want david to see, that right there.

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