A Tale Told By an Idiot – Finishing Funds

A Tale Told By an Idiot – Finishing Funds:


Something wicked this way comes… so excited to announce our next project is a Silicon Beach take on Macbeth! We’ve already begun filming but need your help to finish it! We’re doing motion capture! Please take a moment to check out our campaign and SHARE with your friends! 

“Shakespeare meets Silicon Valley in this modern adaptation of Macbeth that brings a new spin, and new technology, to a classic tale of ambition and destiny. An indie VR game company lives and works together at the private residence (part incubator, part frat house) of Duncan. Mac’s the idea guy, Benny does all the art, Malcolm plays video games all day, and Beth and Donnie do all the work. When the “in game” creatures begin predicting the future of the game company and an angel investor drops $2.5M on them, the ambitious engineer, Beth, sees a path to take control and escape the toxic “tech bro” culture.”

Created/Written by: Ashley Clements, Brendan Bradley, & William J. Stribling

Directed by: William J. Stribling

Starring: Ashley Clements, Brendan Bradley, Joey Richter, Kirsten Vangness, Yuri Lowenthal, Ryan Garcia, Sarah Grace Hart, Kimleigh Smith, Camille Mana and more to be announced!

Supported by: Amazing people like you!

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