Sometimes when I’m birdwatchingThe Painted Ladies are migrating;…

Sometimes when I’m birdwatching

The Painted Ladies are migrating; according to news articles something like a billion butterflies are currently flying north through coastal southern California. At work in Playa Vista yesterday I went to the Starbucks on Jefferson and while waiting for my order I looked out the window and counted butterflies. I estimated twice, and got roughly 200 per minute flying through the intersection. They seemed to come in waves that corresponded to the traffic signals; I think the butterflies are smart enough not to cross against LA traffic. Or maybe it’s an effect of the wind the cars and trucks make, and the butterflies are just being carried along?

Back in Carp today I hiked the Franklin Trail at lunch and watched the same migration. This Painted Lady paused to refuel from the Blue Dicks blossoms in the Thomas Fire burn scar.

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