daisydaaes: “What’s that? That’s a handkerchief. Do children…


What’s that? That’s a handkerchief.
Do children even know
what handkerchiefs are?
A handkerchief is a Kleenex
that you don’t throw away. See?”

YOU’VE GOT MAIL (1998) Dir. Nora Ephron

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Tags: so yeah, but also, so in conclusion, ana marie cox was talking about, how problematic ygm is, and i wanted to ask for more details, but i also didn’t want to, yes joe is awful, and the part where he’s in the know, and kathleen isn’t yet, is yes quite creepy i get it, and the power imbalance, and the darcy-eque Ten Thousand A Year, nora ephron worked in humanity and goodness, and he did bring her daisies when she was sick, and there was that one time, when he could have zinged her back, but instead he just took it, we’re all of us imperfect, but i still love ygm.

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