Is there a like a timeline thing to watching all of Shipwrecked Comedy so I understand it better (I’m new, I have no idea what I’m doing and I have recently fell in love with their content!)

Not really. You can go to their youtube channel and pick whatever.

I started with Poe Party, bc…I mean, it’s Poe Party. (I just posted the masterpost on it, so I’d go by that for its timeline)

As for the rest, I then watched all the BTS and Bloopers for Poe Party (which you don’t have to watch, but it’s there, and why the hell wouldn’t you??) then went on to The Case of the Gilded Lily, which is a detective noir thing. Really excellent.

Then American Whoopie, which is a silent movie spoof. And absolutely hilarious.

So yeah, just check out their youtube channel

It’s all there and it’s all great and there’s not real watch order so it’s all up to you. Or if you’re like me and have trouble making decisions, just do the order I went in XD

And maybe when you’re done you can contribute to their Patreon! Since they met a certain amount, they’ll be doing a table reading of the movie Clue, and Patrons get to vote on who is cast as which character and I can’t fucking wait.

I contributed $5/month, but you can do the $1/mo, or up to $250, and you don’t have to do every month, you can do it whenever you’re able, and you’ll still be supporting this amazing group of awesome and creative people and I swear I’m not paid to promote them they just deserve the world XD

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