debunkshy: QueenPedernales Falls SP, TX20 May 2018


Pedernales Falls SP, TX
20 May 2018

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Tags: insects, i mean, insects anonsally will never see, maybe?, ..., and yeah, beautiful delicate brave ones, is brave a silly term to use in this context?, idc, butterflies are brave in my book, they fling themselves into the world, on bright brittle wings, borne by the wind, not knowing where they'll end up, in a desert, or an ocean, or a smudge on a windshield, they aren't thinking about it in those terms, probably aren't thinking much at all, at least in the sense i use it, but what are they feeling?, are they afraid?, they could be afraid, and if they feel fear, and act in spite of it, i can think of them as brave, i can think of them as brave even without that, people talk about a brave ship, setting out into a storm, a brave new era.

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