Great Expectations


I’ve often found that I enjoy things more when I’m not expecting to. Like, a bunch of my favorite movies are ones that somebody had to twist my arm to get me to watch in the first place, which then turned out to be surprisingly amazing. On the other hand, a lot of movies that I was really excited about, I walked away from thinking, “Yeah, that was fine, but not as fabulous as I anticipated.” The Harry Potter movies come to mind, but that’s a discussion for another day.

There have been exceptions, of course, and probably the most glaring one was Poe Party. My expectations could not have been any higher, and I was still completely, utterly, entirely blown away in every possible manner. I had never experienced that to such a degree before, and hence I became more obsessed with that series than I ever had been with anything before.

But the story doesn’t end there. Because the following year, that same group of producers who had shattered what I thought were unrealistically astronomical expectations with Poe Party made The Case of the Gilded Lily. Once I found out that these mind-blowingly talented storytellers were making something Old Hollywood-related I was beyond hyped. I thought that surely this time I was letting my expectations get too high, and once again they made something better than I had even begun to imagine.

I know I’ve said most of this before, but the reason I’m bringing it up again now is because Personal Space was just released on Amazon. And, yes, I know it wasn’t made by Shipwrecked Comedy, but pretty much the only reason I backed it on Kickstarter was because Sean Persaud was going to be in it. After seeing his phenomenal portrayals of Edgar Allan Poe and Ford Phillips, I was excited for another fantastic performance…and yet I was still unprepared. Sean is so beyond incredible in this show, and it’s so different from anything I’d seen him do before. Don’t get me wrong, Personal Space is a good show in and of itself – it’s an intriguing premise that’s executed well, and all the other performances are great – but even if that weren’t true, it would be worth watching for Sean Persaud’s performance alone. I was anticipating that that would be my favorite thing about it, but I could not have conceived the degree to which that would be true. In the space of a year and a half, Sean Persaud has managed to completely smash my supposedly unrealistically high expectations, something that hardly anyone ever does, in THREE. DIFFERENT. PROJECTS.

TL;DR I would love for Sean Persaud to be in everything from now on, and everyone should check out Personal Space 

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