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The Tin Can Brothers the awesome dudes who brought us Spies are Forever (the musical), Flop stoppers, The Solve it squad returns  as well as many other comedy shows and sketches have released a new project on @kickstarter by the name of The Wayward Guide.

Now I am super excited for this to get funded and I’ll tell you why. It’s a web series focused around a podcast host that discovers a deep mystery in a small mining town. It promises plot twists, adventure, werewolves, murder, badass ladies,  werewolves, mystery, deception and of course werewolves. But that’s not all it will also have a number of podcasts to run with the series from the main characters perspective. Which is super awesome and creative.

Now I don’t often ask for much but PLEASE consider backing this project it looks amazing from the teaser and I would love to experience the whole show.

Back The Wayward Guide and I’ll love you forever

Pretty excited about this! There is so much goodness to come, and I have a feeling you’re gonna want to be a part of it!

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