halfagony-halfhope: Favorite Moments from: The Lydia Bennet


Favorite Moments from: The Lydia Bennet

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Tags: you know, which, but still: interesting, lydia was a character that really grew on me, especially when RK and MK got to go off and do what they wanted, while the grownups weren't paying attention, of course I don't really know the circumstances, and in the end the finished product has to stand for itself, but it's all tangled together in my head, b/c of how i was so into consuming every scrap of information, and being all weird and stalker-y about the creators of the show, which the show def. encouraged to some degree, with the EMMY AWARD WINNING™ transmedia, and all that, but whatevs, I've discussed this at length, AT LENGTH, elsewhere, but now it has this extra layer over it, b/c of subsequent history, is none of my business.

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