Birds and whales and Pokémon, oh my! I’ve discovered that one…

Birds and whales and Pokémon, oh my!

I’ve discovered that one difference between passage-making on a sailboat and on a powerboat is that on a powerboat there’s more time for sightseeing. Today the wind was light and southwesterly, which was ideal for the longest leg of our trip past Big Sur, the Monterey Peninsula, and Monterey Bay.

There was so much to see! Images above:

– The fog lifting to reveal Point Sur.

– A flyby by a black-footed albatross off Cypress Point. I saw more albatrosses today than I’d previously seen in my entire life. They’re amazing!

– A badly framed shot of a humpbacked whale sounding. There were humpbacks everywhere.

– The huge flock of sooty shearwaters we plowed through in Monterey Bay. We also saw pink-footed shearwaters, rhinoceros auklets, common murres, red-necked phalaropes, some kind of murrelet, pigeon gulliemonts, Forster’s terns, western gulls… The birdy highlight for me, though, were the aforementioned albatrosses.

– My dad steering us into the anchorage in Santa Cruz.

– The view of the pier IRL.

– The view of the pier in AR. Ahhhh! There are raids happening right now just a few yards away!

It’s okay. I can wait. The plan for tomorrow is another crack-of-dawn departure and the final leg of our trip. With luck we’ll soon be at the West Coast mecca for boaters and Pokémon players alike. Wish us luck!


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