have you ever noticed how in the Lord of the Rings films…



Throughout the Fellowship of the Ring, Boromir wears unique leather bracers (forearm-guards) adorned with the symbol of the White Tower and the Seven Stars…


After Boromir’s death, Aragorn takes up his bracers. He takes them as a reminder that Boromir’s kingdom is now his kingdom, that Boromir’s burden now falls on his shoulders….or just as something to remember his friend by…


 Aragorn wears them throughout the Two Towers…


And Return of the King….


And when we’re shown a “flash-forward” to Aragorn’s death, many long decades after The War of the Ring, he isn’t laid to rest in a king’s priceless silver armor. Instead, we find out…


...Aragorn keeps Boromir’s bracers all his life, and is buried in them

Look it’s basic party ettiquite that if something unfortunate happens to a player character, you’re allowed to loot for the good gear, but you can’t sell it. Ever.

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