marykatewiles:Please enjoy my newest reflection video, “Five…


Please enjoy my newest reflection video, “Five Things I Don’t Like About Myself.” 

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Tags: i mean, , don't we?, i like this a lot, but it makes me wonder, there's revelation, and then there's revelation, we all have secrets, things we are truly embarrassed/ashamed of, that we don't reveal, and mk talks here about how she has curated a certain image, and wants to be more honest and reveal more, but it's still curated, thank goodness, we all curate the version of ourselves we show the world, people who never learn to do that are emotionally stunted, and difficult to be around, even when they don't get elected to positions of authority, so the curation impulse is a good thing, and I'm glad it's still operating in this video, even while I appreciate the honest intention, that went into revealing less-flattering things about herself, that honesty is the part of the artistic impulse, that I admire most, so in an odd way, admitting these less-admirable things, is admirable.

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