How did it feel when you saw the first thing you’ve written that came to life? Like a small script for uni or something. Coz I just imagine that’d be so satisfying and I dream of that happening XD

The first larger scale thing I wrote was a sitcom about Roman family life for my AP Euro class in High School. It was like the Brady Bunch but with togas and forums and such. My goal was to make my sorta stoic teacher laugh and I TOtEssss succeeded. It was a culmination of those times when I (a small goth nerd whom no one spoke to) was able to make people laugh with words I’d written that made me realize I had to do this forever.

The next year I made a short film for my AP US history class called “Tea Time with Emerson and Thoreau” so I guess doing something like Poe Party was my destiny.

Seeing something you’ve written come to life is the best feeling and nothing else comes close (except the feeling of milkshake drinking and like being with the ones you love I guess but whatever). I hope you get to experience it too!!

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