“As Krikorian notes, the Department of Labor has vast administrative power in the immigration…”

“As Krikorian notes, the Department of Labor has vast administrative power in the immigration process, helping to certify guest worker visas and, depending on the discretion of the secretary, working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Under Obama, the Department of Labor hasn’t co-operated with ICE on enforcement—nor is that likely to change under Puzder, who sees immigrants as having a vital role in the economy. The deeper concern among Trump’s hardcore fans is with the president-elect himself. He campaigned on a promise not to sell out grassroots Republicans at the behest of big donors, as the party establishment has done for years. One such betrayal was the willingness of Senate Republicans, the notorious Gang of Eight, to work with Obama on immigration reform. To those disillusioned Republicans, Trump said: I’m wealthy, so I can’t be bought, and will remain true to my word. But now that Trump is president-elect, he’s appointing a cabinet full of wealthy donors…. It’s too soon to know whether Trump will sell out his base. There was always a good chance that he would disappoint the immigration hawks, given that the Republican Party is beholden to corporations like CKE Restaurants that thrive on cheap labor. And working with Sessions, Trump could still appease this particular faction with symbolic gestures, like ramped up public raids on undocumented immigrants. But overall, Trump’s cabinet picks suggest he could become Coulter’s worst nightmare: an orange, obnoxious Jeb Bush.”

Trump’s Anti-Immigration Fans Are Furious at Him | New Republic
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Tags: politics, anyway, redacted, the side of me, that still wants to believe we can wake from the nightmare, is hoping for this most of all:, that 37 republican electors, can be persuaded, not that [redacted] would do terrible things to women and the non-white powerless, but that they, that is, the electors, have been played for chumps, that after the calls to build a wall, and throw the bums out, and drain the swamp, he clearly is exactly as his opponents have portrayed him, a particularly sleezy con artist, and they, the electors pledged to vote for him, fell for it, appealing to their sense of decency and humanity, is a forlorn hope i suspect, but appealing to their sense of outrage?, their sense that he is laughing at them? mocking them?, the side of me that still hopes for things, wants that to happen, and then we can have president romney, that hope is due to die in 10 days, when the electors vote.

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