How is it working with siblings? Because in my school that are these twins( a boy and a girl) and when we work together they sometimes end up arguing about something that doesn’t even make sense to what we are doing.

UGH, working with siblings is the absolute worst you guys. Those two are a nightmare.

JUST KIDDING!! I can safely say that Sean and Sinead Persaud are two of the best people I know, so it’s always such a treat when I get to be around them. Being apart of Shipwrecked, this year was super special because of Poe Party where we got to work together so closely. When writing together they form this little superpower- type club where they are unstoppable.

I know for Poe Party they had a combination of methods to get the script done (writing separately, together, etc) but one of my favorite memories has to be when all 4 of us were at “Shipwrecked Headquarters” earlier this year. It wasn’t a particularly memorable day or anything, but they were sitting at our table around 1 AM just in this frenzy of writing. Ideas were being thrown every which way, laptops were typing extremely fast and it just felt super exciting to be in the room with them, watching their process come together.

I think it’s safe to say that NO siblings, or just people in general, will agree 100% of the time, but they always figure out a way to get to where we need to be – and that’s what matters. Also, just in case someone didn’t know, they are not twins – just siblings.

Overall it really is such a dream group and they are all very, very talented and lovely people and I’m lucky to call them friends:)

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