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Tags: tada, poeparty, edgar allan poe, I haven't given enough love to edgar in my gif'ing and whatnot, it's a brilliant bit of writing/acting how in-the-background he stays, despite it consistently being his house/party/story, I'm going to put together one last set of sure-to-be-laughably-wrong predictions, before the final chapter airs on Halloween, and one of them is that edgar is going to be dead center in the climactic battle, in a way that cements his position at the heart of the story, that's kind of why I've come back to the dead-eddie-isn't-dead camp, even with the presence of anne as charlotte's accomplice, , who's worthy of poe in a mano-a-mano test of manly fisticuffs and/or swordplay, or something, and while I realize ernest has been the one set up to play a role in that, I think it has to be poe's resolution in the end, and now I think I probably don't need to make that predications post, tag novels ftw.

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