someone posted your feet/monster hands post on twitter and it has 20k retweets in addition to all the tumblr notes. the fame!!


ok, well, but, no, because…..“mendesperry??” says nothing about the fact that they did not create?? this masterful juxtaposition??? like, “fame,” come on, there is no fame, not for the right person (me), not for the hero of this story (me), only for Villainous Mendesperry, a THIEF with 120 times the Twitter followers i have, A COMMON THIEF!!!!!


reddit? oh good, another – another fuckin, liar, making this successful niche joke, with MY screenshot and someone else’s stock photos that I GOOGLED? come on. i, i am, i’m the one who, i found the funny pictures and made them be next to each other, me, an artist!!!! 

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