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We’ve started to see the first rough cuts come in! And they look great. Backers will hear from us soon about Kickstarter rewards. 

Woo! Also, first look at a new-and-improved Overture model:

Looks pretty much like the previous one, though with a snazzier two-tone color scheme, with the “gantry” (or whatever it is; that’s what I’ve been calling it) in black. Also, the antenna is significantly skinnier.

Well, this screenshot doesn’t have the texture applied. It’s basically just a wireframe. The colors and lighting are going to look very different in the final version, but this wireframe shows off a couple of architectural changes.

Neat! I’ll hold off on trying to read too much into the appearance of this model, then. It’s hard for me not to try to figure out what the “couple of architectural changes” are, though.

The curve-y thing that I’ve been calling the antenna is definitely narrower in this version than in the previous one. Other than that I haven’t been able to find anything so far that looks obviously different. But I’ll keep looking. 🙂

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