Poe Party theory time


After a 2 hour conversation my friend and I have reached this conclusion:

It’s all a big joke on Poe. Lenore got sick of his melancholy drama and sent an extra letter to all the other guests. They are all working together to massively prank Poe. Agatha is the master mind behind most of it (see And Then There Were None and Murder on the Orient Express). Think about it. Poe hasn’t pronounced anyone dead, he’s super flustered while everyone else is staying pretty cool, and everyone else is being ridiculously careless about finding the murderer and making accusations. All of the deaths could have been easily faked. Agatha showed up late because she was getting things running. They knew she was going to be late! Then she dies. The police are idiots and probably added by Agatha to further confuse Poe. In the end, they will all be alive and have made what was going to be a dreadfully awful night at Poe’s house much much more fun. 

So there’s my theory! Love this show and can’t wait to see how it ends!! 

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