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This post got me thinking. In the intro to the early episodes Agatha seems to be quite alive.
If the intros use parts of the actual chapters (as has been noticed with Emily many times), then at some point we should see a not-dead Christie.
Ot it’s just another non-soup related red herring.

That’s an interesting idea. It prompted me to rewatch the trailer to see if it contains any Agatha moments that we haven’t seen yet. That led me to this discovery: The namecard shot above is actually the same shot as her arrival at the door shown at 1:26 in the trailer.  The shot has been flopped left-for-right here, but other than that I’m pretty sure it’s the same shot.

That shot in turn is super close to being the same as the actual in-show shot of her arrival in Chapter 5, except that her expression is friendly and smiling rather than grimace-y and stabbed. So I’m not sure if that’s a slam-dunk case either way. We haven’t seen the trailer shot, nor the reversed version of it from the namecard sequence above, so far in the show, so that could mean we have more Agatha coming. But it could also mean that the trailer shot (and the reversed namecard shot) are themselves the red herring, and the only in-show appearance we’re going to get is the one we already had.

If I had to bet I’d bet on the latter. But I’ve been wrong with literally every prediction I’ve made so far, so maybe my leaning that way should count as evidence for the former.

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