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It’s time for a time-tested #TrilobiteTuesday! Whenever the trilobites of British Columbia are considered, images of the historic Burgess Shale and its world-renowned treasure trove of Middle Cambrian material naturally and rightfully spring to mind. That outcrop of the Stephen formation stands as perhaps the most studied and lauded invertebrate fauna in paleontological history. However, this rugged, mountain-strewn province along Canada’s Pacific Coast should also be recognized for a number of intriguing Lower and Upper Cambrian. Magnificent Olenellus and Wanneria  (pictured) specimens emerge from the area’s oldest fossil-bearing rock—the Rosella and Eager formations.
Meet many more trilobites on the Museum website. 

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Tags: insects, hm, you know what?, ima tag this, that aren't even remotely insects, but i'm thinking maybe sally's arthropod-legs thing, might be activated, even by this, a beautifully preserved impression in stone, from a time at least 80 million years, before the first insects existed.

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