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This wedding gown was originally seen on Jennifer Aniston in the first episode of the NBC sitcom Friends, where she played the character Rachel Green. It’s not known if this gown originated and was purchased especially for the show, but it would be safe to guess that the pilot episode (also titled The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate) very likely rented this piece, as pilots are often filmed on a tighter budget than the shows themselves once they are picked up by the network. An expensive or specialty costume such as a wedding dress (as opposed to normal everyday clothes) would be much easier and cost effective to rent. The gown was rented again for the 2016 Youtube series Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Party, where it was worn on Sinead Persaud as Lenore the Lady Ghost.  The Poe’s Mystery Party credits reveal that the dress was rented from The Western Costume Company

Costume Credit: Lies, Nelliejellybean

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I thought @hartgracesarah had implied that for PoeParty the dress wasn’t merely rented but was actually bought, and is still in the possession of @sineadpersaud.

Either way, thanks for sharing the story @recycledmoviecostumes!

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